BTTC will reopen on Oct. 29, 2021

After being closed since March 2020, we are finally open again.

The 1st date we are open is October 29, 2021 @7pm ET.

There are some changes (as you can imagine) so please review carefully:

  • Covid Rules (details located at
    • The city facility we play in is governed by the new Covid protocols.  Basically, proof of vaccination is required to enter the facility
    • You must complete a Covid screening questionnaire prior entering BTTC club (no earlier than 24 hours prior)
      • You will receive the Covid link via our Reservation system within 24 hours prior to event
    • Some new local BTTC Covid rules
  • Location
    • We are now located in the Burlington Seniors’ Centre in Auditorium A/B
      • Same complex area but different building
  • Reservation System
    • All players MUST use the reservation system to book their spot each week
      • The reservation system will be available 1 week prior to the event
  • Cost
    • Due to the City increasing their rental rates, we had no choice but to match our weekly fee
      • Currently, cash only accepted