Friday, March 10th 2017 session


Despite the upcoming March break, we had a good turnout where no-one was made to wait for an empty spot.  Already we see improvement by the new players at the club.  Congratulations!

Good tip.  To improve, you must play games to identify areas of your game that needs improvement.  By doing so, your name would end up in the ladder board and eligible for a prize at the end of the season in June.  Also, while you are improving, you will notice how important the blade and rubbers are important to the game.  You can ask the most experienced players about your blade for tips.

I have finally added the new players to the post email list.  Sorry for the delay.

The increase in admission fee did not seem to affect the turnout, which is good as it will ensure the survival of the club for the next season.  The change to the 15 minute rule from 20 minutes has good benefits as waiting time is greatly reduced.  However if you intend to play games and put your name on the ladder board, you must start the games right away and not indulge in a long warm up period.

Thank you again to the players who helped storing the tables.  Much appreciated.  Please remember that only Brad, Brandt, Walter, Damir and I can fold up the tables as each of them are particular.

See you Friday.


Admittance fee increase


As mentioned in a previous post and discussed on the floor for a few weeks, we need to increase the admittance fees to $8 per session.  This increase is definitely not for profit but just to break even and be able in the long run to replace the equipment.

Please bring exact change this Friday 🙂

Thank you