Back in 1938, when Burlington was a little farming community of slightly over 3,000 population, a group of young men formed a league called "The Burlington Ping Pong League", as the game of table tennis was called in those days.

In the early forties, as the game progressed and competition became stiffer, the name was changed to "The Burlington Table Tennis League" resulting in an increased number of teams.

In a meeting at the Burlington Golf Club on September 14th 1971, the 125 members of the original league formed the "Burlington Table Tennis Club" to perpetuate the competitive atmosphere.

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Alex Lawrie
Champion 1954-1955

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Trophy Table

To this day, volunteers have kept the club operating in different locations across the Burlington area.

Note: Many thanks to the Burlington Historical Society for their hard work and the permission to use this picture. Click on the picture to go their site and put names to these table tennis players and pioneers.