How to get better?

Without a doubt, the web and YouTube are great tools used by many to either learn the game with sound technique or improve their technique. Below you will find a series of videos that hopefully will help you improve your game. Just click on what you want to learn about.


Are you a beginner and prefer to have coached lessons to take your game to the next level? Well, we would recommend visiting the Triple 8 Table Tennis Academy. Great place to learn the basics of the game and create a solid foundation.


You are a beginner and have no one to practice with? Try this video. If you want to know how to choose a good Table Tennis ball, watch this video.

how to hold racket

how to serve

body position

foot work

Basic Strokes




forehand push

backhand push

There are obviously many more techniques to learn. The videos above will give you sufficient information to guide you to a path of fun and success. The above lessons and the following videos of advanced strokes are proudly presented by Ping Skill.


Advanced Strokes

You are not a beginner any more and eager to get better, then try the following videos.

forehand topspin

backhand topspin

forehand sidespin

backhand sidespin

There are also other companies specializing in table tennis training videos as follows.

forehand smash

service mastery

forehand loop

backhand loop