1st session is done


I believe that our first session was a success.  The new floor is good and dampens the bounce of the ball however renders the room very noisy, which we cannot do anything about.

Tables are as good as we left them 15 months ago, so is the space available to play.

Unfortunately, we had to refuse entry to over 12 people that wanted to play due to the limited number of tables.  To allow sufficient playing time, we cannot accept more players that our currently limit of 17 players… No way around that.

We will continue trying to find suitable locations to host our club but per experience, this has been impossible so far.

We had 2 ladder matches, and Andy is now placed first in the 1st division. I am sure that Damir wont let this continue next week :).

Ensure that you sign a waiver if you have not already done so and pay the $8 fee promptly upon signing in.

Remember, We are closed Friday, September 28th.

Thanks all.