Season is over, thank you to all

To all players that attended our Club this season.

Thanks to frugal spending, good care of the equipment, and a business partnership, we were able to purchase a new big blue table. This was a third one and we already looking forward to replace the last green table with a 4th big blue one. We also used barriers for the first time and the experience was positive. We will repeat next season.

In addition, thanks to Lan Gao, we have a brand new web site, a Facebook page and a twitter account so we can communicate throughout the summer and next season. Many thanks Lan.

I want to thank Brandt who helped greatly this season with the equipment. Also, thanks to Ben and Damir for their help this season.

We had a great time at our last session with a visit to a local bar. Thanks to all that attended.

Our next season will start on September 4th 2015. See you then