BTTC Club Closed until Jan. 2021

Hello Players,
Hopefully everyone has not gone completely crazy with the lockdown and everyone has stayed safe.

I have been in discussions with City of Burlington over the Central Arena programs. I have now received official word that BTTC will not be able to resume our program until Jan. 2021.
This is mainly due to a few reasons laid out by the City over:
– program space within facilities (playing space/room tetris)
– program association with Provincial level sports affiliation
– regular/amount of attendees
– programs that are open to all levels and players

I have some meetings scheduled in October with the city to further discuss the action plan to get our program operational again. Hopefully I will receive some better news at that time and be able to provide a positive update.

If you want to continue to play in the interim, I suggest you could look at becoming a member at Elite TTC in Mississauga.

Please continue to visit our website for any updates as they will be posted as frequently as I receive them.