Season 2015-2016

To all,

The 2015-2016 start is around the corner. We are opening this Friday, September 4th at our usual of 7 PM closing at 10 PM.

There will be no changes this season compared to last season. Maximum of 14 players at any time on the floor and entrance fee remains at $5.

We have replenished our stock of stickers and now have some that can be applied to glass. They will be available near the sign up sheet.

We will soon have new barriers with our logo to replace the barriers that were on loan last season. If the experience is satisfactory, we could add more barriers near the walls. Your feedback is appreciated.

As attendance not was what expected last season, there will be no lessons offered by Elite Table Tennis on Saturdays. As such, the replacement of the last green table might take a while however we will replace the net on that table very soon.

I have made an attempt to issue shirts/shorts with our logo on them to supplement our bank account. Some of you have received these items due to your contribution to the club and I hope you enjoy them. I have some left however miscalculation on size left me well out of pocket in addition to being much more expensive than originally estimated and too small. If you want a branded shirt, let me know.

There will be changes to our ladder this year. We will account for sub categories which will be Women, Men rated top 5, and Men rated below top 5. At the end of the season, prizes will be awarded. If you have other ideas, let me know..

Some of the closures are currently known. They are Nov 13th, Jan 1st and March 25th. Mark your calendars accordingly. We will advise if additional dates are added.

Most importantly, our Club relies on it’s regular players to financially survive and buy equipment. With the limitation of 14 players on the floor to ensure adequate playing time for all, we need to limit the number of walk-in players. And if the regular players do not show up, this reduces much needed income and diversity of players to play with. As such, if you do not intend to attend our session on a regular basis, please let me know so I can invite new players to the club.

These are the news.

See you on Friday!!!