Friday May 6th 2016


We had low attendance on Friday from the regular members for now several weeks in a row.  However some walk ins have insured that we can pay the rent.

It is important for the regular members to remember that for many many years now we have limited the numbers of walk ins to insure that the regular members can play.  Now if membership attendance is low, we will have to stop this practice.   In addition, belonging to the club is a somewhat of a commitment in the same manner as for the staff that maintain, stores, clean, manages and often disburse funds from their own pockets to ensure that the quality of the equipment and environment is the best what we can achieve.  Having said that I hope that the club will continue its operations but with the current membership pattern, this is now at risk.

Several ladder matches were played and the ladder page will be updated tonight.  Matches were exciting to watch and showed that many players have significantly improved this year.   Also remember that the club closing party is on June 3rd.

See you this friday, I hope




Club Closing Celebration on June 3rd 2016


Our club closing celebration will occur on Friday, June 3rd 2016 at the Judge and Jury at the corner of Walkers Line and Mainway.

We will close the club shortly before 9 PM and be at the pub shortly after.

We will discuss the future of the club for 2017 and 2018 seasons so make sure you attend as this discussion will concern you all.  We will also present the gifts for the season to the winners.

As usual, beverages and fries will be free so please attend.

See you then




April 29th 2016


Attendance was a bit low as good weather is upon us however we are adding walk in players so all is good.

Few ladder matches were played and the ladder page was updated as per the board.  So better update the board if you want to see the results on the web site.  If the ranking is incorrect, let me know.

As a reminder, prizes will be given out at our annual club closing celebration so get on playing matches!!.

See you all friday