January 29th 2015


Again, several of our regular members took the day off however we had great competition and attendance.

Carlos remains in the first position after defeating Thomas and Damir, who is experiencing some physical limitations in his arm.  Lan did very well in her first ladder match against Peter and won.  Thomas defeated Carleton and went up one spot to third.  Carleton announced that he will not be attending for 6 weeks as he will seek warmer climate.  Brandt lost against Mark, who is improving constantly.  Steve will soon start playing matches after he learned how to serve ‘legally’.

It is important to note that the club is made by and for regular members.  If we see regular members not showing up for a period of time, the club has no other option than to accept new players to fill in the spot and pay the rent.

Finally, you will receive soon an email to see who is interested to buy custom table tennis shirts with the club’s logo.  Stay tuned.

Will see you next week !!



January 22nd 2016


Despite several regular members being busy elsewhere, we had a good showing.

Main event was Carlos, which beat Yvan, Thomas and Damir, which gives him the first position in our ladder.  Congratulations !

Welcome back to Peter, which wore a knee brace.  Hope it will work out for him.

See you this Friday!!





January 15, 2016

Hi all

We had another good session.  Damir defended his first place while Carlos beat Thomas therefore moving in 3rd place.

Tim made a return to our club and played several matches, which were all close calls.  Dennis has also made an appearance and hopefully he will become again a regular member.

Brandt attempted to put up the barriers but we need to do more work on them to make them work as expected.

On the bad news side, the green table has a small bubble on the tabletop therefore replacement will be required sooner than expected however with the US exchange and the recent purchase of our 3rd blue table, the Club does not have the financial resources at this time to purchase a new table.  We will keep an eye this..

See you Friday!!!





January 5th 2016

As expected, a bunch of matches were played.

In short, Thomas beat Yvan, Carleton beat Thomas, and Damir beat Carleton.  They were other matches but no changes to the ladder occurred.

So Damir won his first place again, but competition is heated.  Let’s make sure that all players participate in the ladder.. Competition makes you a better player..





2016 Season


Club activities start this Friday, January 8th at 7 PM

Due to the recent changes in the ladder, I am sure that there will be lots of exciting matches to regain the first position.

I encourage everyone to play matches and keep the ladder board up to date.  Not only its a good way to improve your game but there are prizes at the end of the year.

See you all then