Club Update


Yes its been a while.  Usually no news is good news, well, not all the time.

The City has informed me that the Auditorium’s renovations were delayed and opening has been pushed to September.  I still do not know how many tables the new floor configuration will allow us to put on the area.  At the earliest, I will have more news in June.  We need to put all 5 tables on the floor to pay the rent, 4 wont simply do as we have to reduce the number of players in relation to the number of tables, simple mathematics.  Will see and advise you when I know more.

The tables are in great condition and still stored without cost to the club.  That is good.

We have looked at a few possible locations but unfortunately none were possible as the storage rooms were not available or location was simply too far.

The renovations to the church are also delayed, for up to 2 years.  So that is obviously no longer an option.

I know that these are not good news, but hopefully, we can play again in September.

Hope you are all well.  Have a good summer and keep practicing.