February 19th 2016


No changes in the ladder in the last 2 weeks.   Carlos defended his first place against Damir, Thomas, and Yvan successfully.  Damir also defended his second place against Thomas and Yvan.

Mark and Steve continue to improve through hard practice, congratulations..

Due to the low attendance of the regular members over the last weeks, the club has invited new players to replace absentees.

Will see you on Friday.  The new barriers will be in place !!!

Thanks all






February 5th 2016


Damir has defended his first place against Thomas and Lan has moved one step up by defeating Brandt.. Glad to see Lan get into competitive matches.

Andy has made his first appearance at the club, coming from the Stoney Creek club.. I believe he enjoyed his experience.

Again, turn out was void of several regulars, however turn out was sufficient and we had fun.

See you friday