Please read : Important

To all

Please take the time to read.  It is important.

On Friday,  we attempted to increase the number of players on the floor by dedicating a “doubles only” table.  Well, although players definitely enjoyed themselves playing doubles, the overall experiment was a failure.
Simply stated, we rely on players to know when to play when it’s their turn, however the more players on the floor the more difficult this becomes and yesterday was a confirmation of this fact.  Some players got to play 6 to 8 times while other played only 3 to 4 times.  This is simply not acceptable.
I do not want to implement a method where players get assigned a number and play in turn but if some players continue to play out of turn, I will have no other option.  I also understand that players prefer to select partners of their own level, but recently this has become overwhelming apparent and should be toned down.  I seriously hope that we will get cooperation from all on this issue.
As such, we will revert to the long proven rule of a maximum of 17 players with no exception what so ever.  Any table can be used to play doubles.
Also, the club officially operates between 7 to 9:45 allowing 15 minutes to close down.  In the last weeks, we had to ‘close the doors’ as early as 6:30 as people show up very early to guarantee a playing spot.  The club pays for only 3 hours and cannot afford to pay for an extra hour (from 6 to 7), therefore we will accept players on the floor starting at 6:45, not before.
For the club to be a pleasant and fun environment, cooperation from everyone is required, including respect for other players turn to play.

Thank you