Opening session ; September 2nd 2016


Our season will officially open on September 2nd 2016 at our usual time 7 PM.  The entrance fees remain the same at $5 per session, so is the player limit at 14.

At our last session in June, I announced that the church will renovate our gym starting in January 2017 until August 2018.  This has not changed.  My mission since this announcement was to find a new location for our club.  All pursuit of private or religious locations, which were over 50 revalued futile.  A glimmer of hope on some of these but storage revealed being the break point.

I then pursued the City of Burlington and with tenacity, found a location and adequate storage space, although well above our current rental cost.  After obtaining confirmation from city official that we could relocate, I applied for a grant to allow the club to afford this new location.

While the grant is still under review, the news of an available location for table tennis made its rounds within city officials and a small tennis program ran by the city.  The intent of this city program was to use our table for their purpose as the storage room was not big enough for all the tables.  I replied with conditions, including replacement cost, insurance and supervision by one of our member.  Obviously this was refused.  I suspect that the end of this process will result in our loosing this location to the benefit of a city run program.  We simply cannot afford letting inexperienced players handle and keep the tables in good conditions.  I will keep you up to date on any news.

In any event, we are good to operate until December.  At that time we will either move to a city location or store the table until a new location is found, which is for the moment highly unlikely.

We will play until we can no longer, that is the best we can do.

See you on September 2nd..