Club Closure and News


Please be aware that the Club will be closed on Friday April 12th as the arena has a tournament and on April 19th due to Good Friday.

Our last session will be on Friday May 31st.

Our semi annual refreshment party will be held at the Judge and Jury (Mainway and Walkers) on Friday, May 17th  therefore the club will close at 9 PM instead of the usual 10 PM.  Prizes will be awarded for the ladder, and most improved players.

During the first week of June, I will need some of you to help move the tables to my residence.

Thank you all.


Please read : Important

To all

Please take the time to read.  It is important.

On Friday,  we attempted to increase the number of players on the floor by dedicating a “doubles only” table.  Well, although players definitely enjoyed themselves playing doubles, the overall experiment was a failure.
Simply stated, we rely on players to know when to play when it’s their turn, however the more players on the floor the more difficult this becomes and yesterday was a confirmation of this fact.  Some players got to play 6 to 8 times while other played only 3 to 4 times.  This is simply not acceptable.
I do not want to implement a method where players get assigned a number and play in turn but if some players continue to play out of turn, I will have no other option.  I also understand that players prefer to select partners of their own level, but recently this has become overwhelming apparent and should be toned down.  I seriously hope that we will get cooperation from all on this issue.
As such, we will revert to the long proven rule of a maximum of 17 players with no exception what so ever.  Any table can be used to play doubles.
Also, the club officially operates between 7 to 9:45 allowing 15 minutes to close down.  In the last weeks, we had to ‘close the doors’ as early as 6:30 as people show up very early to guarantee a playing spot.  The club pays for only 3 hours and cannot afford to pay for an extra hour (from 6 to 7), therefore we will accept players on the floor starting at 6:45, not before.
For the club to be a pleasant and fun environment, cooperation from everyone is required, including respect for other players turn to play.

Thank you


1st session is done


I believe that our first session was a success.  The new floor is good and dampens the bounce of the ball however renders the room very noisy, which we cannot do anything about.

Tables are as good as we left them 15 months ago, so is the space available to play.

Unfortunately, we had to refuse entry to over 12 people that wanted to play due to the limited number of tables.  To allow sufficient playing time, we cannot accept more players that our currently limit of 17 players… No way around that.

We will continue trying to find suitable locations to host our club but per experience, this has been impossible so far.

We had 2 ladder matches, and Andy is now placed first in the 1st division. I am sure that Damir wont let this continue next week :).

Ensure that you sign a waiver if you have not already done so and pay the $8 fee promptly upon signing in.

Remember, We are closed Friday, September 28th.

Thanks all.


PLEASE READ: September 7th and Rules


I still have delays with the City to sign the contract but they assured me that storage will be available and we can start Sept 7th.   Damir, Brandt, Walter and I will move the tables on the 4th to be ready to play on our 5 tables.  Not wanting to get your hopes up but I am considering buying a new blue table to replace the old green one.  Stay tuned.

If you want to try rubbers, I will bring used rubbers that I can put on your current blade.. No charge.. I will still be available for training sessions.

Rules reminder for all

Maximum number of players on the floor at one time is set at a maximum of 17.  No exceptions.. Based on the number of requests I had in the last months, I have no doubt that we will be full pretty much every week.

Playing time is still limited to 20 minutes.  Players must choose a partner before moving to a table.  Provided clocks need to be used to ensure equal time for everyone.

The Club is insured up to $2MM in liabilities.

The Club will not accept any disruptive behavior, what so ever.  Any such occurrences will result in an immediate ejection and a lifelong ban from the Club. No buts, ifs, or ends.

The ladder will be available in 2 divisions and we strongly recommend that you play games.  Practice is good but playing games will show you where you need to improve.

We start playing at 7 and stop at 9:45 so we can be out of the location by 10 PM.

Please remember that ideally, everyone should play with everyone.  Realistically, this is often hard to do as a large caliber differences may be detrimental to the enjoyment of the game.  However, good players are encouraged to give tips and training exercises to the less experienced players.

See you on September 7th.


2018-2019 Season


Good news, seems that we have secured the Central Auditorium from September 2018 to May 2019, every Friday from 7 to 10 PM, as usual.

I will send confirmation as soon as I get a contract in hand.

I will obviously need some help to move the tables during the fist week of September, will advise on that too after confirmation from the City.


Club Update

To all

Progress!!  I have met with the city officials and visited the renovated Central Auditorium.   The space is the same size except for loosing 2 feet at the back left.  Nothing major.   They have added 2 large windows with light shades so hopefully the setting sun will not interfere.  The floor has been replaced and looks good.  Lighting had also been improved.

We have retained first right of refusal for Friday nights however discussion on pricing and rental of the storage room remain to be concluded.

If all goes well, we’re back on in September.

Will keep you all updated




Club Update


Yes its been a while.  Usually no news is good news, well, not all the time.

The City has informed me that the Auditorium’s renovations were delayed and opening has been pushed to September.  I still do not know how many tables the new floor configuration will allow us to put on the area.  At the earliest, I will have more news in June.  We need to put all 5 tables on the floor to pay the rent, 4 wont simply do as we have to reduce the number of players in relation to the number of tables, simple mathematics.  Will see and advise you when I know more.

The tables are in great condition and still stored without cost to the club.  That is good.

We have looked at a few possible locations but unfortunately none were possible as the storage rooms were not available or location was simply too far.

The renovations to the church are also delayed, for up to 2 years.  So that is obviously no longer an option.

I know that these are not good news, but hopefully, we can play again in September.

Hope you are all well.  Have a good summer and keep practicing.