Update on location search

All To my regret, I am unable so far to find a new location for our club.  The renovations at the church have been pushed by a year due to legalities with city permits.  Therefore we must wait for the Arena’s renovations to complete, which is scheduled for March 2018. The tables are well stored and will remain in perfect conditions until that time. Yvan  

Season ending meeting

All Season has ended and the tables are now stored (thanks to Brad, Brandt and Walter). What is left is our season ending party at the Judge and Jury at the corner of Walkers and Mainway at 9 PM for prizes and cold drinks… See you there!!!   Yvan  

Friday May 12th session

All Again, we had 5 tables to use as the renovations are obviously delayed. Only 2 weeks left to get your name on the ladder!! I will be seeing you on June 2nd as I am gone fishing.  Walter, Brad, Ben, and Brandt will setup and close the club.  Thank you!! Yvan

May 5th session

All Well, the city was late in their renovations, allowing us to have 5 tables once more.  will play it week by week. The end of season is approaching quickly, therefore play your last games to climb up the ladder.. Remember, June 2nd 9 PM at the Judge and Jury.. Yvan  

Important update

All The city of Burlington has informed me that the Auditorium will be unavailable starting June 2nd 2017 up to March 2018 due to renovations.  As such, our last session at the Auditorium will be on May 26th 2017. In addition and due to the renovations, we will be limited to 4 tables (from 5 tables) starting May 5th until May 26th incl. therefore we need to reduce the number of players from 17 to 14.  Considering that we average 18 players per session, this will be difficult but we have no choice in the matter as if we still function with 5 tables there is risk for injury due to limited space between tables.  Remember, maximum number of players Continue reading

Reminder: No activities on Friday, April 14th 2017 for Good Friday

All Reminder for all, the club will be closed on Friday, April 14th 2017 for Good Friday. Thank you Yvan

Friday, March 17th session

All We had a great session with again the club at capacity. Again, noticed that games are not played.  Remember the prizes at the end of the season!! See you Friday    

Friday, March 10th 2017 session

All Despite the upcoming March break, we had a good turnout where no-one was made to wait for an empty spot.  Already we see improvement by the new players at the club.  Congratulations! Good tip.  To improve, you must play games to identify areas of your game that needs improvement.  By doing so, your name would end up in the ladder board and eligible for a prize at the end of the season in June.  Also, while you are improving, you will notice how important the blade and rubbers are important to the game.  You can ask the most experienced players about your blade for tips. I have finally added the new players to the post email list.  Sorry for Continue reading

Admittance fee increase

All As mentioned in a previous post and discussed on the floor for a few weeks, we need to increase the admittance fees to $8 per session.  This increase is definitely not for profit but just to break even and be able in the long run to replace the equipment. Please bring exact change this Friday 🙂 Thank you Yvan  

February 10th 2016 session

After a slow night the week before, we were back to good numbers of players.  The 15 minutes sessions work well and allow for more frequent turnover on the tables. If games were played, the ladder board has not changed.  We have a steady influx of new players, which is good for the club. Discussions and study are under progress to insure the survival of the club after the June deadline.  It is beginning to be obvious that an increase in admission cost is inevitable.  to that extent, I would appreciate any comments on how you feel with an increase in admission to $8 per night. Your feedback is greatly appreciated Thank you Yvan