Club Events

Brand New Table Arrived

With our players help, the new table final got into our club. Now we have three high-quality tables for players to enjoy!

We had purchased another tournament quality table that was used in the 2012 US Open in Las Vegas. This is our second very high quality table and yes, she is bright blue like her sister.



we have received dozens and dozens of requests from people requesting membership. With the limited number of tables, we will limit the number of players at 16 at one time and continue with the 20 minutes time limit per session. Again we would ask for your cooperation to ensure that everyone gets playing time on the tables.

Club Closure Tonight due to weather

Due to bad weather today, our club has to be closed temporarily tonight. Please stay safe and warm.

Check Burlington weather forcast for more information.

Table Tennis News

2015 Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament

2015 Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament will take place on March 17, 2015 at Jaipur (IND). World’s best table tennis players will play for 2015 in India. 16 players each in the men’s and women’s singles will battle it out for top honours in the USD100, 000 event.Check out players list.

What is Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament? Click here to learn more.

Top Four Seeds Secure First Places but Choose Different Routes to Second Stage

France, Russia, the Czech Republic and Germany, the respective top four seeds in the Junior Boys’ Team event at the 2015 Italian Junior and Cadet Open all concluded their initial phase contests on Friday 6th March, in first places in their respective groups.

Best Performance in 2015 Canada Winter Games

After 6 days of competition, Team Ontario was showing the best performance of them all, winning 6 out of 7 gold medals and reaching the top of the overall standings in the table tennis event. Filip Ilijevski was the most successful player with 3 gold medals in the Singles, Doubles and Team event. Team Quebec came in second position just before the host province from British Columbia.

Important: Attendance

To all players, For a few weeks now, attendance has been low, enough to have to draw from the new blue table funds to pay the rent. Previous occurrences of low attendance were rare and always explained by either holidays, snow storms or other rare events.  Recently however, it seems to be a consistent behavior therefore questions must be asked and answers found. In the last 20 years, regular players made the club profitable, enabling the upgrade of equipment and insuring it’s future.  Recently, the numbers of regulars has diminished significantly and are not replaced by new regulars, which is unusual.  If this situation is not corrected, well, the club has no future.  We can explain easily why the numbers Continue reading

Friday, Sept 28th Reminder

All Please remember that the club is closed tonight.. Sessions will restart as regular up to April 2019 as usual every Friday. Last week, attendance was much lower than usual, for no obvious reasons. See you next friday Yvan  

1st session is done

All I believe that our first session was a success.  The new floor is good and dampens the bounce of the ball however renders the room very noisy, which we cannot do anything about. Tables are as good as we left them 15 months ago, so is the space available to play. Unfortunately, we had to refuse entry to over 12 people that wanted to play due to the limited number of tables.  To allow sufficient playing time, we cannot accept more players that our currently limit of 17 players… No way around that. We will continue trying to find suitable locations to host our club but per experience, this has been impossible so far. We had 2 ladder matches, Continue reading

Friday, September 28th 2018

To all, We have 2 Club closures this year and the first is September 28th 2018. Yvan  

PLEASE READ: September 7th and Rules

All I still have delays with the City to sign the contract but they assured me that storage will be available and we can start Sept 7th.   Damir, Brandt, Walter and I will move the tables on the 4th to be ready to play on our 5 tables.  Not wanting to get your hopes up but I am considering buying a new blue table to replace the old green one.  Stay tuned. If you want to try rubbers, I will bring used rubbers that I can put on your current blade.. No charge.. I will still be available for training sessions. Rules reminder for all Maximum number of players on the floor at one time is set at a maximum Continue reading

2018-2019 Season

All Good news, seems that we have secured the Central Auditorium from September 2018 to May 2019, every Friday from 7 to 10 PM, as usual. I will send confirmation as soon as I get a contract in hand. I will obviously need some help to move the tables during the fist week of September, will advise on that too after confirmation from the City. Yvan

Club Update

To all Progress!!  I have met with the city officials and visited the renovated Central Auditorium.   The space is the same size except for loosing 2 feet at the back left.  Nothing major.   They have added 2 large windows with light shades so hopefully the setting sun will not interfere.  The floor has been replaced and looks good.  Lighting had also been improved. We have retained first right of refusal for Friday nights however discussion on pricing and rental of the storage room remain to be concluded. If all goes well, we’re back on in September. Will keep you all updated Yvan    

Club Update

All Yes its been a while.  Usually no news is good news, well, not all the time. The City has informed me that the Auditorium’s renovations were delayed and opening has been pushed to September.  I still do not know how many tables the new floor configuration will allow us to put on the area.  At the earliest, I will have more news in June.  We need to put all 5 tables on the floor to pay the rent, 4 wont simply do as we have to reduce the number of players in relation to the number of tables, simple mathematics.  Will see and advise you when I know more. The tables are in great condition and still stored without Continue reading

Update on location search

All To my regret, I am unable so far to find a new location for our club.  The renovations at the church have been pushed by a year due to legalities with city permits.  Therefore we must wait for the Arena’s renovations to complete, which is scheduled for March 2018. The tables are well stored and will remain in perfect conditions until that time. Yvan  

Season ending meeting

All Season has ended and the tables are now stored (thanks to Brad, Brandt and Walter). What is left is our season ending party at the Judge and Jury at the corner of Walkers and Mainway at 9 PM for prizes and cold drinks… See you there!!!   Yvan