Although our club is non-competitive, we conduct an informal ladder competition with our regular players. The rules are pretty simple; a ‘best 3 out of 5’ match is held and the winner moves ahead of the loser in the ladder and everyone else moves down one place. Simple and entertaining !!

Current  Ranking

Ranking photo Name Comments
1 Damir

Damir Krznaric

By far the best player in the club. His ability to change blades and rubbers on a constant basis is impressive. He also runs a table tennis club in Hamilton.

4 Yvan Dagenais Yvan Dagenais  Your humble host.
11 Fred.jpg Fred Wang Fred is a long time attendee of the club. His attitude towards the game is exemplary and is a very good penhold player. Recent ailments somewhat slowed him down but we hope he will bounce back soon.
7 Mark Gao Mark Gao Mark is certainly one of the most improved player in the club. He has started to work on his technique and it is starting to pay off.
5 Lan Gao Lan Gao Lan is by far the quickest player in the club which add to a great attitude and smile. Her game experience and footwork is improving on a weekly basis. By the way, she has built our club’s new web site, so many many thanks Lan for your help to our club.
9 Walter Speare Walter Speare Walter is currently nursing a shoulder injury but he is committed to the club and still give a hard time to many players with his unexpected shots and good humor.
6 Brandt Winchell Brandt Winchell Brandt is a new arrival to the game having started only a few years ago. He is extremely committed to the club and his help is greatly appreciated. His game is improving constantly and with a bit more time, his commitment to the game will pay off.
12 Steven Xue Steven Xue Also a long time club attendee, he plays penhold and has recently improved his backhand very much.