Important: Attendance

To all players,

For a few weeks now, attendance has been low, enough to have to draw from the new blue table funds to pay the rent.

Previous occurrences of low attendance were rare and always explained by either holidays, snow storms or other rare events.  Recently however, it seems to be a consistent behavior therefore questions must be asked and answers found.

In the last 20 years, regular players made the club profitable, enabling the upgrade of equipment and insuring it’s future.  Recently, the numbers of regulars has diminished significantly and are not replaced by new regulars, which is unusual.  If this situation is not corrected, well, the club has no future.  We can explain easily why the numbers of regular players is dropping, life gets in the way.  Issue here is why they are not replaced.

In the first weeks, we had many new players showing up to play, even too many.  So this incites the following question: Why are the new players not coming back on a regular basis?  Is it because we (or I) are not welcoming?  Is it because of the level of play either too low or too high? Or the price charged? Or the limit to 20 minutes per table? Or the arbitrary selection of a playing partner? Or the atmosphere? Or lack of formal competition?

We know are some of the new players are surprised by the level of play and don’t come back.   That is a known issue that we cannot solve unless we dedicate a table to teaching.  As the club has always been ‘recreational’, this option is hardly feasible.  Separate the players by level is something that is done naturally at selection, so i do not believe this is necessary but I could be wrong.  We cannot lower the fee, and the 20 minutes rule seemed to work well for the last 10 years, so these I believe are not solutions.  I can spend more time teaching to whom ever wants it however there is a limit to that.  Atmosphere is created by the players, not sure what I can do on that potential issue.  We have a ladder system that is hardly used, so that is not a solution either.  I always welcome the new players, explain the rules and play with them so I don’t know what I am doing wrong there.

So I am asking your feedback to improve the player experience and insure the future of the club.

Thank you in advance